1. Click on "Suits" or "Shirts" from the menu above
  2. Choose your desired fabric and click on the number
  3. When the order form is displayed, fill it out and submit. We will contact you within three days.
  4. Once the price and shipping costs are calculated, we will send you your quotation.
  5. Please proceed to PayPal to submit your payment.
  6. After your payment has been confirmed, your order will be shipped. Shipping to the United States generally takes two weeks.

We only accept payments through PayPal.

Usually your order will be delivered within two weeks to United States.
*It may vary depend on any circumstances or weather conditions.

$38 for 2 pieces (ex. one jacket and a pair of pants), $42 for three pieces (ex. one jacket, a pair of pants and one vest)
*We will send by express mail
*We will let you know the final shipping fee with the total estimate

Yes, we will make your desired designs. Please ask us the details.

Yes, please send us a copy of the magazine by e-mail.

You can send us one of your shirts. We will return the shirt with your order.