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    NOTE: If you are not sure of self-measurement, we would suggest you to send us a sample of your favorite outfit so we can copy, with alterations if required and we will mail it back to you with your order.

    Unit of Measurement:

    1) Full Shoulder: Measure back at end of shoulders
    2) Sleeves: Measure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired
    3) Chest: Measure around body well up under armholes
    4) Stomach: Measure around stomach line
    5) Front Chest: Measure from one armhole to other armhole in front
    6) Back Chest: Measure from one armhole to other armhole at back
    7) Waist: Measure around waist line where trouser waistband sits
    8) Neck: Measure around bottom of the neck
    9) Coat Length: Measure from upper collar seam to length desired

    Choose collar styles

    • Flatters almost all face shapes
    • Collar point length is 4-5cm
    • Flatters a round or wider face
    • Best for slender face or long neck
    • Perfect for large tie knots
    • Flatters a narrow face
    • Nicely accommodates the Windsor Knot
    • Hides a long neck
    • A small fixed tab from the middle
    • For medium to long necks
    • Held together with a collar pin that connects the points behind the tie
    • Flatters a narrow face
    • Flatters a narrow face
    • Good for any face shapes
    • Good for any face shapes
    • Flatters a narrow face
    • Worn with or without tiese
    • Flatters a narrow face
    • Worn under a tuxedo

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